The Brazilian Association of Tourism Operators brings together more than 90 companies and has been, since 1989, one of the most representative organizations of the tourism sector in Brazil.
Our affiliates include the outbound and inbound tourism, domestic and international, as well as working with various travel segments: luxury, adventure, sun and beach, exchange, cultural or tourism, etc.
In 2013

 “Having Braztoa as an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization reinforces the presence of the Brazilian tourism sector on the international scene.”


“One of the main entities of the Brazilian tourism, Braztoa has been working for many years to increase the diversity of products and destinations offered to tourists. With Embratur, the partnership takes place in international fairs, with the participation of tourism operators associated to Braztoa in the stands of the Institute, which reinforces and increases the promotion and dissemination of Brazil as a destination on the planet.”

VICENTE NETO, Embratur president

We are a private, non-profit association, focused on enhancing the performance of our affiliates under the organized market, freedom of initiative and fair competition. Therefore, we developed institutional actions, fostering actions to the development of the tourism sector and promotion and support to marketing.

Our vision
Be recognized by the tour operators, partners and tourism sector, domestic and international, as a reference in the forefront and competence in the promotion of actions and partnerships for the corporate sector.
Our mission
Promote actions and partnerships that enhance the business activities of affiliates, supporting the development of the tourism market in a sustainable manner.
Our values
Pursue economic, social and environmental responsibility; flexibility; innovation and creativity; the continuous improvement; ethics and professionalism; appreciation of human relations; and the commitment to the development of the tourism sector.