Meetings with markets

We make strategic trips aimed at strengthening the relationship between our affiliates with representatives from the public and private sectors of each tourist destination, in order to generate business, information exchange and diversification of products marketed in Brazil.

“Meetings with markets generate a fantastic networking and important partnerships not only with suppliers, but among the affiliates themselves”.
Soft Travel

Two trips to Portugal in 2012 and 2013, with 22 operators.

Mendoza in 2012, with 20 operators.

“The meetings reflect the improvement of the product marketed, not only in terms of price, but also on service and attention to our passengers”.

“These trips give us the opportunity to meet with leading suppliers of the destination and to begin working with hoteliers, inbound and local tourism ministries.”

Toronto and Ottawa in 2013, with 20 operators.

Uruguay in 2014, with 22 operators.

“We are confident that the Meeting with Market of Braztoa, held in Barcelona, Catalonia in May 2014, will bring a significant increase in the volume of the Brazilian tourists visiting our region”.
Catalan Agency for Tourism

“Meetings with Markets are essential to the expansion of qualified and diverse business opportunities for the segment, It is a unique moment for the Brazilian tourism, as it is the opportunity to buy, sell and exhibit their products and also meet European benefits. For Portugal destination, this type of meeting increasingly grows in importance for presenting itself in an extremely professional manner and for displaying the destination as a great trading environment across Europe. I believe that both Brazil and Europe, more specifically Portugal, only stand to gain from events of this relevance”.
Vice-President of TAP

Catalonia in 2014, with 25 operators.