Our expertise

To better represent our associates, promote business opportunities and strengthen the tourism industry in Brazil, we work strategically on three main axes.


We are a communication channel between our associates and the society. We take guidance, information and encourage the habit of traveling;

We dialogue with all the tourist trade - associations and businesses - aiming at strengthening and improving relationships;

We promote associated and their products in Brazil and abroad, through projects, events and different communication channels.


Meeting with Markets

Trips that connect the Braztoa directors associated with strategic partners from different destinations around the world. Read more.

Braztoa Trade Meetings

Events held in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre to promote business and the relationship between associates and the tourism sector - domestic and international. Read more.

Turismo Week

The largest promotion of trips of Brazil. Action for a limited time offering trips associated with special prices for numerous national and international destinations. Read more.

Viaja Mais Melhor Idade

A program that creates exclusive travel itineraries to encourage people over 60 years, retirees and pensioners. Partner: Ministry of Tourism.

Vai Brasil

A tool created to gather together trips to Brazil, stimulating a better utilization of the installed tourist capability throughout the year. Partner: Ministry of Tourism.

Discover Brazil

Promotional activities with key countries issuers of tourists aiming to attract more foreign visitors to brazilian destinations. Partners: Embratur and Infraero.

Marketing Desk

Space created at the Tourism Fair of the Ministry of Tourism for operators and agents to market domestic travel together to the final consumer. Partners: Ministry of Tourism and Abav (Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies).