At Braztoa, sustainability is not an abstract concept - it is applied in our everyday activities and projects. We were the pioneers to internalize and disseminate the culture of sustainability for tourism operators and sectors partners in Brazil, based on three pillars: social-cultural, environmental and economic.

Meet some of our actions that are part of the PBS, the Braztoa Sustainability Program.


“Braztoa´s potential to catalyze sustainable actions in the Brazilian private sector makes us very pleased by having it as our affiliate”
Coordinator of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism.

"Partnering with Braztoa is important for the national dissemination of the contents generated by the Green Passport campaign, in order to encourage the productive sector of tourism to engage in more sustainable practices”.
Representative of PNUMA in Brazil.

“To the German Tourist Board - DZT, sustainability is a vital component to commercialization of Tourist Destination of Germany, since the tourist activity contributes significantly to the sustainable development of a region. Thus, we congratulate BRAZTOA for the Braztoa Sustainability Program and for bringing the topic to the Brazilian tourist trade".
German Tourist – DZT

Institutional Partners

Braztoa Sustainability Award

Since 2012, we promote the greatest award for sustainable tourism in the country, which has the seal of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, UN. The initiative recognizes the best practices and gives visibility to companies and their sustainable actions, stimulating the tourism chain to act in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable way.

The Award has been given visibility to so many exemplary cases of the tourism sector, selected by representatives from internationally recognized institutions. And has helped to disseminate knowledge on the subject with reference publications.