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Join our nearly 90 affiliates, including Tour Operators, Representatives, Associates and Guests, and enjoy the benefits of one of the most influential tourism entities in the country. The company needs to have a representation in Brazil.

Why becoming a Braztoa affiliate?Who can join?How to become a member?

1. Prestige and representativeness

In 25 years of operation, we dialogue with the government, market and society, through key partnerships with the Ministry of Tourism, SEBRAE, Embratur, State Department of Tourism, and international entities, such as the World Tourism Organization and the United Nations Programme for the Environment, to name a few examples. We seek the growth of the tourism market as a whole and promote the sales of our affiliates through Trade Meetings, the website itself and participation in trade fairs and tourism events in Brazil and abroad. We advocate the interests and needs of the aggregate of affiliates and we forward their demands through actions in the National Council and other discussion forums.

2. Market Insights

We monitor economic data of our market annually, through Datatur: a Braztoa initiative that aims to produce primary data on the tourism sector, from the base of our affiliates. One of the compiled results is the publication of our Yearbook. We conduct studies and edit publications to equip our affiliates with strategic information on key issues impacting the sector. We further operate in seminars and capabilities for our members and also during the Trade Meetings, for travel agents regarding the various topics of interest to the tourist market.

3. Advisory for your business

We offer Legal Advice and Communication that supports the collective issues and access to legal and tax information of the sector, to the exclusive publications and to Brokerage Services Agreement template. We facilitate collective bargaining for Civil Liability insurance and special conditions for participation in own projects and events and of partners. We have an executive team 100% dedicated to act on behalf of the entity, its affiliates and the continuity and improvement of the activities developed.

4. Networking

We organize Braztoa Conventions with our affiliates, besides several opportunities throughout the year to discuss ideas and exchange information, enhancing our collectivity. We conduct several business trips per year to the most promising destinations in the world. On several occasions throughout the year, we provide a suitable environment for the discussion of ideas and exchange of information among affiliates, enhancing the collectivity.

5. Support Infrastructure

At our headquarters in São Paulo, we provide facilities with an auditorium (for up to 86 people, with complete infrastructure for courses, meetings and events), in addition to a support point for affiliates of other bases on trips to the state capital.