Braztoa is a private association that brings together a group of about 90 tourism companies, present in all Brazilian states - one of the most important entities in the sector in the country. Get your doubts answered here or contact us at contato@braztoa.com.br.

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Who are Braztoa affiliates?

The association is formed by tour operators that operate both domestically and internationally (outbound and inbound), together with the Representatives (representing the tourist services companies from abroad), Associates (companies specializing in the promotion and / or marketing of products and / or tour services and Guests (companies engaged directly or indirectly in the tourism sector: destinations, means of transportation, means of lodging, airport reception service, car rental, attractives, financial institutions and other companies that contribute to the supply chain of the sector. Click here to know the Affiliates.

How was Braztoa born?

Braztoa was founded in 1989 under the name Associação Brasileira de Operadores de Turismo Internacional. This is the origin of the acronym Braztoa (Brazilian Tour Operators Association). The organization was born from the desire to insert Brazil in the global tourism market - which, even back then, gave signs that would have accelerated expansion. In 1994, it aggregated Cobrat, an association that brought together the specialized operators in domestic destinations.

Is Braztoa a representative organization with strong market presence?

Undoubtedly. Currently, 90% of tour packages sold in Brazil - both domestic and international destinations - are created by tourism operators that are part of Braztoa: - We are present in all states of Brazil - 82% of the associated companies are medium or large companies Click here to see the latest results of our performance.

Purchase from an operator affiliated to Braztoa brings the consumer some assurance?

In order to join Braztoa, the tourism operator must have at least three years of experience in the market and meet the technical, ethical and financial criteria and be approved by voting by General Meeting. This is not an absolute guarantee, but it is a differential for passengers.